Do you want to hit the ball in this way? The villagers encounter a fierce “mysterious black hole”


Some time ago, the younger brother shared with you the incident of a netizen riding a Korean superbus, accidentally in:

▼ “This bus is so fierce! Korean girl is hurried to get off. I got up in a moment (11P)”

After watching the super-busy bus, Japanese netizens decided to go to South Korea for a trip to Korea during the Golden Week (in early May). Don’t go and don’t know if you are scared! The villagers said that it is a good place to go to the stadium in South Korea, because the Koreans are really ~ heart ~ very ~ fierce ~
When you hit the court, you will inevitably see a very positive sister. In this case, it will inevitably stay for a few seconds to watch the sister’s skills and body.

The netizen passed by a table full of girls playing. Special long hair this special! So, slow down and want to see more. It’s not dead, this long-haired girl is completely disregarding her own scenery under the skirting process. The seafood is exposed and she is still playing! The villagers immediately took out their mobile phones to record this touching scene!

As soon as the picture was uploaded, the villagers blasted it and used the graphic diagram to say an indisputable fact: Korean girls not only do not like to wear underwear, but also like to play the game “Done Hole” in the stadium.

Such a super-positive long-haired sister, once hit the stadium…


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